About me

Hi there.  I'm Hellena the Hellenist.  Fibre Artist & Flowmad.  Spinner and Weaver.  Lover of one and mother of eight.


After a rigidly controlling and miserable childhood, it's perhaps not surprising that one of the first goals I can remember setting for myself, was to grow up and 'make it' without any qualifications or certificates, to show other people that you didn't need anyone's permission to be or do anything. 

I can say now that I succeeded at that goal completely, but what my young self didn't know, was that finding and learning my own way into my adult life, with all the intricacies adulthood brings, would give me eminent qualifications and life experience in worlds that I didn't even know existed at the time. 

After hefty exploration of people and lands and cultures, I finally met my soul mate at 28, had our first child together at 30, and not long after that, got my first spinning wheel and started our first market.  All of which generated an explosion of self organisation, anarchy or personal sovereignty, biomimicry, community capacity building, and lots and lots of Finding and Learning our Own Ways, or FLOWing into wild and free range landscapes. 

As we birthed our 7 babies together and traveled round the country and visited markets and festivals and exhibitions, we so loved what we were learning about ourselves and life and all our new insights, that we called ourselves Flowmads.  Nomads that go with the flow, whatever that means at the time. 

I taught myself fibre arting and crafting, and Currawong taught himself drumming, and after that, finding our own way was so infectious that it spilled out into everything. We found our own way in parenting, relationships, birthing, community, music, sexuality, world history, and spirituality to name a few.

And we were in the middle of that dream, facilitating many markets and festivals in Nimbin, when one of our brood got Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, for which treatment was 3 years of chemotherapy, and there was a whole new world to find and learn our own way into.  Teaching us as much as any other experience had. 

Now I'm entering a new phase of birthing, but this time, birthing myself and my creations.  Helping them out into the world where they belong.


This is our family just before Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia hit us,  in 2016