The two books I've written, as well as the inspirational collection of positive birth stories I took part in, 'Birth Journeys'. 
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"Inspiring little book for fiber crafters!"


"Love this, it's very inspiring!"

This book can either be purchased on Etsy as a PDF, or bought in person or by post on a memory stick, in a handspun crocheted pouch that doubles up as a finger puppet..........

I was never quite sure if I wrote this book,
or if it wrote me.  
I tried to explain it in my old blog once, along with sharing the first two chapters...

Review by Starr


“Balthazar and Nimue sits in me, a sperly pause just after a vibrant exhalation, the knocking of ovaries after orgasm… I dared for days not to breath back in… as the black hole of my mind expanded into your story… unintentionally It brought up my dark hidden stuff and I have enjoyed greater clarity ever since.


At the Feast this story stands naked and raw and sometimes bleeding a real person or two; who in the opening and clearing and adventures of their life evolve into themselves. The truth of this human experience, clearly concludes on the heart however hammered… This BIG heart is something sadly most people haven’t found within themselves these days. You liberate yourself with your honesty and therefore help us all to truly see clearly.


This miracle book has forever changed me and that is true- It is a story that has some strange magic formula the dancing mosaic of myth, insight, innuendo, hard straight up reality, so much love… a poignant evocation of a mind I would unhesitatingly call genius."

I also feel very blessed to be a part of a divine book of positive birthing stories. 


I've been horrified in my birthing years about how many people were totally alright with telling horror birth stories.  Especially when I was pregnant with twins, no actually in all of them, for some reason folk seemed to think that because I was pregnant, I'd want to hear every single story they'd ever heard about birth!  The horror......


My wish for everyone, is for all of us to develop our empathy skills, and take a leaf from many indigenous, and particularly the Japanese tradition, of how to treat pregnant women - to surround them and all their senses in as much beauty and peace as possible.


This book is a bit like that.  

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