spunoutpost studio
Step into a fantastical fibre cave full of textural, sensual and tactile adventures.  There's the Pussandree and other fibre trees sprinkled throughout, crochet spider webs, a stretchy recycled rope arena, and places to sit and dream.  Along with a host of felted, woven, wrapped, knitted and crocheted creatures and creations to intrigue and inspire.  A place where you're welcome to explore.
Spunoutpost Studio was created as a solution to a lack of funds for our new lives, after finding out that one of our children has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.
For a more detailed story about what happened, read here...

A lot of amazing people donated a lot of money to us through fundraisers, and that totally carried us through our first months in our drastically different life, but we would so much rather give people something back for their money, so the idea of opening up a working Studio/Gallery/Workshop space under our rental house was born, not only as a physical place to visit, but also as the home of our youtube adventures, and somewhere delicious to photograph our Etsy listings. 

Largely prompted by being given a swoosh electric spinning wheel during the most intense part of his treatment, not to mention a huge amount of processed tops..........a dyeing and spinning frenzy came upon us, proving a beautiful fibre therapy in our time of need.
Also due to the electric spinning wheel, I played with novelty spinning for the first time properly, and came out with a thick and thin spun yarn that truly delighted me.  I spun so much that I'm even willing to sell some of it.
But not all my recent outpourings have been dyed and processed, these woven blankets are from pure undyed and organic sheep, angora goat, alpaca, and angora rabbit, and processed as little as possible.  They are also highly unique in the western world anyway, as they have both warp and weft handspun.
All of these different things are for sale or for learning how to do yourself at Spunoutpost Studio, open whenever the garage door with the art hanging is up.  I prefer to work with the Gifting Economy and by donation, but if you really need me to set a price I can. 
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