spunoutpost studio
Step into a fantastical fibre cave full of tactile textiles and multi-sensual yarny adventures. 

Become part of the Bespoke, Slow Fashion, Craftivism and Makers Movements by learning how to make your own clothing and creations your own way.  All in pursuit of Meditation, Self Care Therapy, Practical Magic, Recycling and Finding Your Own Way.


Choose your own adventure, and mix and match elements from the following list. 


Learn how to:-  *make rope  *drop spindle  *spin on and service a spinning wheel  *create wrapped wire and wood sculptures  *wet and needle felt  *weave on a frame loom  *make your own tools  *crochet just about anything  *dye with commercial dyes  *knit with crochet  *make your own patterns up  *create a nurturing self care ritual involving fibre


To cater to individual tastes and requirements, I'd love to run these groups with a maximum of 5 people per group, with a free introductory session to get an idea of what the interests are, and then spend a period of 6 weeks having a once a week session, learning to consciously craft the creations chosenCosts would be $25 per hour plus materials for group settings, with many options and resources to purchase materials.  At the end of the six week period, we could have a mini-exhibition to celebrate our creations with our loved ones, and have a bit of an excuse for a party!


Alternately, I'm happy to work one on one with an individual to learn any or all of these crafts, at times to be negotiated, and at the cost of $40 per hour plus materials. 

Free Introductory Session
11 Mar 2018, 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Spunoutpost Studio,
97 Sandon St, Graceville QLD 4075, Australia

When you get in my Fibre cave, there's the Pussandree and other fibre trees sprinkled throughout, crochet spider webs, a stretchy recycled rope arena, and places to sit and dream.  There's also a handspun-in-the-grease three dimensional three circuit Labyrinth to walk through, a massive yarn bombed wearable hanging, and a Spiderweb Spiral Shower to drape through.  Along with a host of felted, woven, wrapped, knitted and crocheted creatures and creations to intrigue and inspire.  A place where you're welcome to explore and ask me about my yarns....

Here are some examples of how the process goes, from the dyeing process, through to spinning and then weaving. The first video is a run(step)way fashion display of freshly dyed tops ready to be spun, and some ways they can be played with.  The second video is the midway step of turning those tops into spun yarn, showing off my thick/thin yarn spinning.   And then the weavings in the last video are all woven from undyed naturally coloured fleece, with both warp and weft being handspun.

Or Alternately, you could invite me along  to your home, school, camp, womens or mens group, circle of friends, festival, team building event, party, or just about anywhere, keeping in mind I'm based in Brisbane, Australia at the moment.


And I'll initiate you into the deep mysteries and metaphors, majicks and yarns of spinning and all its attendant fibre arts.  Making sure to bring a healthy amount of creations along to display and play with. 


Stories about the ancient lineages of spinning and its differing histories, spiritual metaphors, practical applications and inspirations.  

Spinning and making your own way, is like the Organic and Permaculture movements, as opposed to the Monsanto and GMO of factory made yarns and products that are a result of factory farmed animals.....

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