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Creations coming out of Spunoutpost Studio that are looking for their perfect match.....

All of these creations are currently hanging out in Spunoutpost Studio and are available to go to new homes.  If you'd like to come and check them out in person, you're totally welcome to come around and have a look and a chat.  All prices are negotiable, and I'm also happy to trade or swap for something equally amazing.

These three weavings are all handspun, warp and weft, which makes me rather unique in this modern world where most handspun woven weft has a factory made warp!  The one at the front has sold, but the other two are still available

Commercial Feathers warp, and handspun white and naturally walnut dyed rabbit from IxCHeL Yarns & Fibres weft. 160cms by 46cms. $200

Handspun natural colour sheep warp and handspun white rabbit from IxCHeL Yarns & Fibres weft. 160cms by 27cms. $160 Pricey because it's a luxury fibre

Two wraps and a scarf.

Handspun and naturally dyed at the Weave and Mend Festival in Nimbin, sheep warp and weft. 195cms by 44cms. $250

Handspun sheep warp and handspun white rabbit weft. 210cms by 31cms. $180

Handspun sheep warp and handspun black alpacca weft from 'Chrissy' the black alpacca. 205cms by 47cms. $300 Pricey because it's a luxury fibre.

Massively long wrap and alpacca blanket.

Handspun and natural and dyed warp and weft, with a strip of recycled sari silk down the middle. 335cms by 43cms. $350.

Handspun sheep warp and handspun alpacca weft. Both natural colours. 205cms by 49cms. $350

Books on sticks in pouches, dread cosies and crochet hooks

Handspun and crocheted dread cosies, with threads to tie them on, and some beads. $5

Handmade (by my uncle) wooden crochet hooks. $10

Three handspun and crocheted pouches that hold memory sticks with my book Post Phyber Philosophy on it, in both an artistic copy with lovely black backgrounds, and a printable copy with white ones. The pouches not only hold the book on a stick, but they can be worn around your neck, and double up as finger puppets :) $25

'The Desert Nomad'.

A beautiful head piece with a built in scarf, with the one of a kind style of crochet over roving or tops.  The end of the roving has a rather gorgeous splash of fire like tufts at the end.

Handspun and dyed merino roving headpiece and scarf, with the form being given by crocheting over roving. $250

Big floppy dread hat. With a bit of a tail.

Made from handspun, dyed and knitted merino roving. $45

Top Hat. Crocheted over roving dyed by Catherine Christie to create the brim and top.

Hand spun, dyed and crocheted. $45.

The Friesian. Crochet hat over a wrapped wire ring.

The back of The Friesian, with it's geometric design. Shaped using hook sizes instead of increasing and decreasing.

Hand dyed, spun and crocheted with merino roving. $150

The Bubble hat.  Made for a small head, and tight fitting.

Bubble hat for a small head. Hand dyed, spun and crocheted from sheep fleece. $30

Priestess head piece with curls.

And a raised crochet spiral.  Made for a small head and tight fitting.

Hand dyed and spun from sheep fleece. For a small head. $35

The Boob Hat. For a small head. Crocheted over lawyer cane vine.  It was originally going to be the boob of a life like doll I was going to make to model my clothes. But it didn't work as a boob. So I turned it into a hat with a tail :)

Hand dyed, spun and crocheted from sheep fleece. With a lawyer cane vine skeleton. $50

Hair Wrap.

Hand dyed, spun and crocheted kid mohair. $30 can pick one of these dyepots, and I'll weave you a piece to your specifications, within the range of my loom that is.  Prices negotiable.

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