Down Ten Rabbit Holes

Since the internet started, and I read that book 'Cyberia' by Douglas Rushkoff, I've looked at my computer as a reflection of my head. And thought of the internet as conscious. In moments of sadness or boredom, I'd throw my nets out into the oceans of the world wide web, and see what came back to interest or inspire.

Sometimes freaky things would happen, and I'd get led to festivals or events that were happening and I'd end up going to them. Wild people have popped in and out of the etheric and physical energetic web.

I've learnt a lot.

I regularly spend a bit of time just trawling, to see where interest will lead, and which rabbit hole I can find to dive into. And then my computer sits there for a week or so with pages and pages open, cause I've found something interesting that I want to show to the family, or it's just too cool to send away from my desktop, or I think I'm going to share it on facebook but never get around to doing it.

So I thought that instead of just sadly clicking the x to send my links away, I'd share them with you instead, on here as a bloggy thing. And if you like it, lay some comments on me, and I'll keep going!

So here's my weeks trawling hoard. And I should say a very big thankyou to my fb friends for finding so many interesting things....

1. First up there's 10 Strange, But Also Beautiful, Houseplants You Never Knew Existed.

2. Then we've got an article in the Daily Mail titled - "Meet the 'Vanlifers': a generation of young Australians who have been priced out of the spiralling property market and live and work out of VANS rather than pay landlords because 'rent is slavery'"

Not to mention that life in a van, travelling around, is quite exciting, and about the fastest track to 'the flow' that I can think of.

3. Next up is this song from Wendy Rule about Hecate.....powerful tune that I've been obsessed with for a while....

4. Did a cool questionaire on this page that gave me my personality factors, which I found quite interesting. A map of my traits!

5. Watched this funky and informative 20 minute video about the entire history of the world.

6. Read this article from Science Alert about how NASA Space Probes Have Detected a Human-Made Barrier Surrounding Earth, and how we are changing space itself.

7. Discovered another wildly talented fibre artist from the north of Holland with the business name Bereklauw - Wild Wool and Crafts.....who massively inspired me. She does wool porn. NOT REAL PORN SILLY, but porn for the fibre addict. Her Instagram feed is fibre orgasmic, and her photos are ethereal and beautiful in a pagan-wintry-european-woodlands way. Do yourself a treat and check out her webpage and Etsy shop. But for now here's the photos on her fb page. Just gorgeous!

8. Then there was this amazing little youtube snippet from Russell Howards comedy, where he tells a story about his friendship with a 14 year old cancer patient that totally rocks.....

9. An interesting article from the New Zealand Herald, about a historian who got a forensic expert from Edinburgh to reconstruct skulls from Pre-Maori times, and found they looked very Celtic.

10. And last but certainly not least, a lengthy but fascinating read from SBS about 'When your child is a psychopath', that talks about a treatment centre in Texas that is making huge progress in helping children who's psychopathic traits are noticed early on.

Hope you find some of this as interesting as I did. And like I said before, if you like this leave a comment, and I'll keep going with the idea :)

Hellena Post
Fibre Artist & Flowmad
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