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Hellena spinning with Max and Zarra in the window in the background.

“Everything is energy that remembers where it's been”

Warmest Greetings!

I'm the mother of eight children, lover of one, and I've been finding my own way into fibre for over 21 years.  I learnt very early on that I would rather have fibre as a collaborative friend than a domesticated dead thing, and the quote up above has been my guiding light into exploring fibes for two decades now. 

This approach to my passion has taught me far more about myself and different ways to entangle with fibre (and life in general!), than any lessons or guild could ever dream of. 

And I'd love to share some of what I've learnt with you. 

Hellena wearing a hat/wrap/scarf that is crocheted over roving, in Mt Cootha Botanic Garden

Upcoming events and workshops

If you're looking for an active meditation, a new way to practice mindfulness, trying to learn new skills to practice your fibre arts, are interested in labyrinths, or you're curious about growing your own cotton, then you've come to the right place!

Handspun and crocheted, 3 circuit, 3 dimensional labyrinth made from sheep fleece.  With a crochet rug underneath.

The Labyrinthian Experience

Come immerse yourself in the worlds only handspun and crocheted, three circuit, three dimensional labyrinth. 


Then walk an 11 circuit rope labyrinth laid on the grass, after getting a few yarns about labyrinths in general, and hearing the story of Theseus and Ariadne.  As you walk in, you'll unravell a handspun yarn behind you into the centre - your centre - and then re-weave the yarn on your way out.  Exploring diverse and  powerful metaphors along the way. 

Finally we'll draw our own 7 circuit labyrinth on the circle in chalk, so you can learn how to make your own walking meditation

Cotton bolls blooming on my Gossypium Barbadense, smooth seeded cotton plants.


Come and learn all about Gossypium Barbadense - cotton - which is different to Gossypium Hirsutum, of which 99% of commercial cotton in Australia is.  Different because it has smooth seeds easy to remove, a longer staple and superior fibre. 

Pick your own cotton bolls, learn how to de-seed and prepare it for use, as well as hearing lots of yarns about propgation, growing tips and potential creative and practical uses. 

Then take home some seeds to start creating your own cotton picking experience for joy or extra income.

A range of creations I've made with spun and unspun yarns and a spinning wheel and a circular weaving loom


The Pussandree.
Labyrinthian in a Gallery
Warped Weft
The Pusses
Death in the Cemetary
Birth Becomes Her
Pussandree and Birthing Suit




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