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Wearable Art

I have the rare luxury of being able to craft my own palette, out of raw fibres from small breeder friends who love their creatures, my mans dyeing skills, a range of tools that are handcrafted, purchased and gifted, and tricky knacks both old and felt out.


Most excellently, all of these ancient arts are also profound forms of meditation, mindfullness and therapy, and a solid answer to the toxicity of the textile industry.


Another important aspect of my work results from my self taught forays into quantum physics and the metaphysical nature of the universe, which has led me to realising that everything is energy that remembers where it's been.   


So the energetic memories of my handspun and crafted creations, are a world apart from the factory farmed and crafted textiles that we feel and drape on the biggest organ of our bodies........


our skin.   

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