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Labyrinths are a rare magic of mysterious ancestry, with many different meanings from diverse cultures all over the world. 

And they are quite simply, the most magical creatures I know. 

The first labyrinth I ever met, was an 11 circuit Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth, laid out with smooth river stones surrounding it's intricate path.  It was on the first community we ever lived on, in Kuitpo Forest of South Australia.  A fellow community dweller's ex-girlfriend had run a labyrinth page, and he had carefully dowsed for the perfect spot, and labouriously laid out the river stones in exactitude. 

It was so beautiful.  There were tiny wildflowers growing underfoot, and little succulents scattered throughout, as it lay graceful and sublime in a tree lined meadow. 

The most enlightening and contemplative meditation I've ever done apart from spinning and creating, I relied on it heavily during the birthing of Balthazar, when I got post natal depression afterwards, and when we all got whooping cough 9 months later. 

It saved my sanity.

DSCN2717 2.jpg
I was in labour in this photo.  With Currawong following along behind me.  A long 19 hours of attempting to birth at home, until an emergency caesarean occurred in a very calm fashion, in part because of all the labyrinth walking I'd done. 

The next incredible labyrinth I met was at the Bundaleer Festival in the State Forest outside of Jamestown in South Australia.  There were so many amazing things I could tell you about that festival, (not least, Evette Sunset's mandala garden!), but the labyrinth was completely enchanted. 


Dowsed and earthed into a Chartres Cathedral labyrinth by a local Druidess, by pushing the mulch up into ridges, to reveal the black soil underneath lay bare to walk on, an intimate embrace with the earth. 

She'd shaped the labyrinth around some trees, as it was in a thicket of natural bush, and she shaped faces and arms from clay, and affixed them to the saplings.  As we walked the stately walk on the earth, there was a crone peering from a tree, with a long branch like an arm stretching down. 

It was truly like everything else faded into the background, and all that existed was earth and trees and parallel dimensions, and the pull of the labyrinth into the core and the womb.  And the journey to the exterior and out from within really felt like a rebirth. 

Certainly renewed.

Long after the festival was over, we kept traveling to the forest, as the labyrinth slowly went back to how it had been before, and even weeks after the party, it could still be walked and powerfully felt. 

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