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I've been mesmerised by labyrinths ever since I met my first, in the form of an 11 circuit Chartres Cathedral labyrinth, laid out with stones, on a hippy commune in the Adelaide Hills.  After we parted, I kept trying to follow the labyrinthian path enticing me, but it wasn't until my son Merlin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in 2016, that I KNEW I needed a labyrinth in my life.

So I handspun and crocheted a three circuit, three dimensional labyrinth out of sheep fleece from my fairy fibre mother back in South Australia.  And a rug to go under it.

My Labyrinth

I reckon I'm the only person in the world to have hand spun and crocheted a three circuit, three dimensional labyrinth with a rug....


The top of my labyrinth, as seen from the middle inside

Friesland and Labyrinths

I only realised lately that labyrinths are in my ancestry! Especially the 7 circuit labyrinth in these images. It was in the middle of one of these, that I realised I could lay out a labyrinth on the ground with two ropes

Chalk Labyrinth

I drew this seven circuit labyrinth on the concrete circle that used to be a turntable for tiny trains.

Nimbin Labyrinth

This was a labyrinth I created in the middle of Nimbin in 2015


There are many and diverse forms of labyrinths that show up all over the world

Handmade Rope Labyrinth

These are the two handmade ropes - one harmony and the other chaos - that I can roll out into either a 7 or 11 circuit labyrinth

Finger Labyrinth

Here is a finger labyrinth crocheted with the handspun luxury fibres of alpaca and mohair.

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