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Post Phyber Philosophy

Is all about feeling........

The feeling imparted into fleece in its lifetime on the body of a sheep or goat, an alpacca or rabbit.  As the silk of a silkworms cocoon, or feather on a birds body.  The energy that has gone into the branch of a tree or commercial yarn, bird bones or beads.  Jute rope or ripped sheets.  A spinning wheel or crochet hook.  Animal skin or a large piece of tree bark.  Galvanised wire or raffia.  The feelings that would have gone into them, the hands that they passed through.  The emotional energy surrounding them.

Now Quantum Physics has kindly shed light on the whole shebang, I know that absolutely every single thing in the universe is energy, that is constantly vibrating, moving, shapeshifting and connected to every other thing.

This energy is moved around and shaped and attracted and repulsed by thought amongst other things, which is a magnetic energy, a conscious energy that shapes and directs the universe, based on what we’re thinking and feeling.  Hence, our thoughts really do create our reality and the world around us.

Energy also carries memories with it of where it has been.  And when my hands or body touch, hear, see or taste other energy in whatever form it takes, my senses are merely interpreting the vibration of that energy, as to what we’ve all collectively decided it is.  Parts of me must be remembering or connecting with different parts of it, and recognising that there’s no separation, but the habits of a western lifetime are hard to break.

All of these things are going on when I touch something and connect with the elements it’s made of.  Originally star stuff as the universe exploded its way into existence, the energy of our planet, and indeed the entire universe, is in a constant flow of being.


Some of the energy that makes the matter that makes my form, has been in the deep dark oceans, as part of an eight million year cycle, whereby the entire ocean is drawn into the earths hot and dynamic inner core, and then released back to the ocean through hydrothermal vents.  Some of it has been dinosaurs or pottery shards, volcanoes or rainforests.  Some of it has been part of a black hole, an intense and condensed oneness, and when it is released, some say it explodes into new universes.  There’s nowhere it hasn’t been, and the distinctions and separations between things start to blur, as I realise that everything really is connected.

So as I hold an element with which to work, and I want to change it in some way from how it is, I can connect with where it’s been, and flow with that to where it goes.  Let random, chaotic elements take part in the dance of creation.  A chaotic dye job. A random spinning of unprocessed, un-carded rainbow fleece.  An odd shape with sporadic beads.  Multifaceted ideas that plunge into diverse themes, and numbers that pop into my head.  A reticulated felt person made from machine washed random felt shapes.  Not knowing what I’m going to make until it makes itself, with me as it’s willing accomplice.

Trusting that just starting, and going with something while it feels good is good enough, and will indeed become something. Or not, which is equally good, because after I’ve knitted that square with a crocheted edge long enough ago that spider webs
 have formed on it, I’ll make something that requires exactly that, as an element to make it just perfect, and life really is a creative cabaret.

And as I dabble more with textiles and fibers, all of a sudden I decide that maybe I could dabble with sewing or painting, making a spider web on the verandah, or making a fleece stuffed lounge. Crocheting the interior of a Toyota Commuter with cargo nets, car seat covers and nappy bags out of ripped sheets, or creating a wall of visualisations.  Everything starts to become alive with memory, and possibilities, and living energy.

I start to realise that every thing, issue, and person that I approach with our connection in mind, is easy to work with, communicate with, and make masterpieces with.

The whole of life can be approached this way.

Feeling my way through playing with the elements of the universe, and feeling love and peace and healing through what I dance with it, and then letting it go to become a seed of manifestation in my world.

Moving on to exchange energy with the next part of the journey.


A constant process of birth, life and rebirth.

This is Post Phyber Philosophy.


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