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A colorful eBook with over 85 pages of photos, stories, and sharings from the fibre path less travelled. An attitude of conscious crafting and the epitome of slow fashion! With an alternative approach to spinning, dyeing, crochet, and fibre working, through finding your own unique path.

It’s all about how everything is energy that remembers where it’s been. And how spinning and crafting in the flow can be a healing meditation, that fulfills all the aims of meditation, but with the relaxation resulting in a physical and metaphoric yarn.

There's also 5 patterns in the back, with descriptive instructions and photos to help. From easy to complicated, there's a pattern for Slats, that can be worn as sleeves, legwarmers, or a hat, and a simple pattern for a hat and fingerless gloves. There's a Moth Wing cape that wraps round your fingers and looks amazing on you or on a wall. A spider web that can be worn or draped on a wall. And a Nonapuss hat with dreadlock like tentacles with bells on the ends, that doubles up as a puppet and magpie scarer. The Nonapuss hat is a bit more complicated than the other patterns, combining knitting on sock needles and crochet in a way that you wont have seen before.

This is 13 years of our lives, that I'm totally proud to offer you :)

Post Phyber Philosophy

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