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The Flowmad is a handspun wrap with a hoodie, that is a perfect demonstration of how well weaving, crochet and knitting can go together. All beautifully displaying the handspun yarn in their own unique ways.

It has a single plyed with cotton alpaca warp, which makes for a soft and luscious fringe, and the weft and crochet knitted yarn, was luxury roving bought from the most excellent and luxurious Ixchel Luxury Fibres & Yarns, that I spun into a fine single plyed with cotton.

I loved this whole making process so much, that I took lots of photos and wrote a blog post about it. You can find that here...

The Flowmad

  • Qiviut, Cashmere, Silk, Tencel, eco merino, angora, alpaca, sewing cotton

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